Our experts know every tiniest detail about Pay N Play Casinos and that’s why they have decided to share with you on this page all their tips and tricks, so that you can be the next one to join them and make the most out of the best online casinos 2022.

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Pay And Play Casinos – Detailed Guide

Pay And Play is technology developed by Trustly for leading licensed online casinos to make it easier for players to deposit and verify their account. A Pay N Play Casino Trustly is, in the truest sense of the word, a casino on the Internet where you can pay and play directly. At first, this sounds like a normality.

Of course, you have to deposit money if you want to win money as a player. The peculiarity is that registration for this is not necessary. Therefore, this category was virtually invented.

Pay n play casinos

This all means that the player does not have to provide personal data, does not have to go through a cumbersome process, but can quite spontaneously play for real money after a few minutes. And if there is a win, it is paid out quickly.

The standards in terms of security are high and the seriousness is assured.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Faster transactions and gaming experience
  • Variety of game options to choose from
  • Convenience of play
  • Several fantastic bonuses and promotions
  • Probability of having an unstable network
  • Increased risks of gambling addiction
  • Smaller screen size

How to Making a Deposit at a Pay N Play Casino – Instructions

Before you start playing your favorite games, you will need to go through a few steps before you can get started. Here’s a simple guide:

Step 1

STEP1 - log in and select your bank

Log in at your Pay and Play casino and choose Pay N Play as your payment method. If you want to open into an account, you can already choose Pay N Play during the registration process. If you choose any other payment method, you will need to complete a registration first.

Step 2

Step 2- Log in in your bank

Check the bank and make a deposit. Before you can make a deposit in the Casino Pay and Play, you need to check whether your bank supports the Pay N Play payment service using the bank code. If it does, you can then specify the account details and the desired deposit amount. All this happens through Trustly’s interface.

Step 3

STEP3 - Confirm your payment

Complete deposit and start real money play. Even if you use a new Pay N Play Casino, you’re free from the registration. Pay N Play obtains the essential personal data needed for background registration from your bank. You have to agree to this data exchange when making a deposit with Pay N Play. Once you have completed the deposit, the money will immediately land in your account, and you can start playing with the first real money games.

Quick Withdrawal from Pay And Play Casino

If you want to withdraw winnings, you do not have to send any additional documents, the withdrawal will be executed immediately and without any problems, and the money will be returned to your bank account. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. Start by searching for “My Account”
  2. Here, select the section you want to access. In this case, it will be “Withdrawals”.
  3. Select Trustly for the banking procedure.
  4. Now, similar to the deposit process, select the country you are in from the menu list.
  5. Enter all relevant banking information, including the amount you wish to withdraw.
  6. Once Trustly is connected to your bank account, click “Confirm” and your winnings will be transferred in no time.
  7. Easy withdrawal at your beloved Pay n Play Online Casino is just one of the many benefits of this convenient payment method.

Casino Without Registration and Casinos No Account: What Players Really Want

You may have heard the term “No Account Casinos” more than Pay and Play Casino. The truth is that the two casino versions are similar – if not the same. They both rely on players playing without any restrictions in a casino without account.

In fact, a large part of all online casinos without an account that exist belong to Pay N Play casinos. You have to keep in mind that this modern technology that Trustly brought to the iGaming market was the first to allow players to play without revealing their personal information.

So, the difference is that Pay N Play is a payment system that belongs to the payment provider Trustly. Apart from that, both casinos without registration and Pay N Play casinos work the same way.

Other payment Options at Pay N Play Casinos

As you might imagine, Trustly is usually in the spotlight when it comes to playing at Pay N Play casinos. Nevertheless, there is more to these casinos than just Trustly, and that is exactly why we took a closer look at other payment methods that you can easily use at Pay N Play Casinos.

These payment methods offer all similar perks to Trustly’s Pay N Play, which makes it ideal in case you’re not able to use Trustly – maybe due to your bank or because it’s unavailable in your region. Here’s a closer look to the most important Pay N Play methods that are currently available on the iGaming market:


As we have just said, Trustly Casino is the first choice when it comes to Pay N Play Casinos. In fact, we can thank this Swedish payment provider for making this type of online casino available to us.

The biggest advantage of Trustly is that the method is well received by over 3,000 banks. This makes it extremely easy to use Trustly without having to create an account just to start playing.


iDEAL is the method that comes closest to the original concept of Trustly. The only thing you need is a bank account that works hand in hand with iDEAL. If this is the case, you simply need to go to your bank’s website or app and make a transaction with iDEAL from there.

The online casino does not receive any information or data about you, which is the same concept as Trustly. Therefore, iDEAL casinos is a perfect alternative.


Perhaps the second most well-known option at Pay N Play Casinos is Zimpler. Several casino websites are happy to offer Zimpler or Trustly, which means that players can enjoy the benefits of a casino without an account.

Also, Zimpler Casinos are extreme security measures and works with a variety of banks. This means that all you have to do is check if your bank belongs to it, and if so, you can be playing at your favorite casino in no time.


Another Swedish payment company is Brite AB, which was founded in 2019. Again, this is a typical fintech company that has similar features to all the other payment methods we just mentioned.

The thing is that Brite Casinos is still newer than Trustly, although most banks are already happy to conduct transactions with Brite. This is because the company is extremely reliable when it comes to payments, and online casinos know this all too well.

Casino Pay N Play Advantage Over other Methods of Payment at the Casino

Since there is so much to talk about Pay N Play Casinos, we have also taken a good look at what advantages this payment system and platforms have, compared to other payment methods.

Here’s what Trustly Pay N Play can offer you to play with total freedom in 2022:

  • Ease to Use: At first it may seem a little more complicated than it should, but once you’ve made your first deposit, you’ll see that it’s a piece of cake. That makes it especially interesting for new players.
  • Security: Since you don’t have to share your details, you won’t be in as much danger. Trustly takes care of everything, so you’ll always know that you’ll be able to play safely and without any worries.
  • Protection: With the support of 3,000+ banks out there, Trustly has been collecting awards and good reputation for years in the online industry. So, you know you’ll always be protected by some of the biggest names in banking as well.
  • No ID Verification: If you end up playing at a pure Pay N Play casino, then you won’t even have to use ID verification. Trustly will take care of everything, as the service has already checked with the bank that you are the owner of the account. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Instant Payout: Although there are many payment methods that promise their players immediate withdrawals, the truth is that there are few as fast as Trustly. In fact, transactions are done on the fly, and it rarely takes more than a few minutes for withdrawals to reach your bank account.

Pure or Hybrid Pay N Play casinos

Pure Pay N Play and Hybrid Pay N Play – these two terms should be briefly explained. They are two different variants of the Pay and Play Casino offer. Once it is about the pure availability and once about the fact that there are further options in terms of payments.

Here’s a closer look at each model and what they can offer you in 2022:

Pure Pay N Play Model

As the name suggests, a Pure Pay N Play Casino offers this payment method as the only one on the platform. Players can start playing immediately, and when they leave, the casino balance remains untouched and available for the next time and further play.

When it comes to cashing out at Pure Pay N Play, the casino does not require any further information, and the available bank ID information allows money to be automatically transferred to a player’s account.

Pay N Play Hybrid Model

Then there’s the so-called hybrid Pay N Play Casino option. This actually means that players have the option to use Pay N Play as one of the popular payment methods, besides the traditional methods like bank transfers and card payments like Visa Debit and MasterCard to popular e-wallets and prepaid cards like Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard.

Protection of Personal Data with Casinos Pay and Play

You do not have to worry at all when using Pay N Play, because this payment method is particularly safe and reputable.

That’s because you hardly have to give out any information with the Pay N Play Casinos. Instead, only the data that is necessary for the site’s legal regulations regarding player identity verification is stored here.

Plus, this information is transmitted by Trustly completely encrypted to protect your data even better, because it is not stored at the payment provider itself either.

Another important aspect regarding the security of the payment method is the 2-step verification. This ensures that no one can make payments through Trustly on your behalf. Since the payment is made directly from your bank account, using a TAN among other things, the payments are absolutely safe.

PSD2 API – The Role of Technology in Personal Data Security

As soon as you make a deposit at Pay and Play Casinos, what is known as the PSD2 API is activated. This is used to contact your bank, which will allow the transaction in the casino.

Keep in mind that the main component here is the API, which is responsible for making third-party transactions and collecting all the necessary information from the two accounts.

In order for this transaction to be done, you have to give access to the PSD2 API. If you don’t end up giving that access, then Pay N Play Casino won’t be able to do anything with the request either.

The important thing to know about the PSD2 API procedure is that it is done through several steps. First you have to accept the transaction in the various interfaces. Then you have to verify everything through a two-factor authentication email or SMS, in order to give the online casino permission to take your money and enable you to play.

Licenses in Pay N Play Casinos

Apart from the security offered by the payment method itself, you will also need to be reassured by the security of the online casino itself.

That is why there are licenses from regulatory authorities, which are in charge of controlling the Pay N Play Casinos Online and ensure that they offer a legal platform and far from fraud.

As we only care about safe and licensed online casinos, you will always be able to see operators with valid licenses from the best regulatory authorities.

These are the most respected regulatory authorities that offer licenses in iGaming:

  1. Malta Gaming Authority
  2. Swedish Gambling Authority
  3. Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  4. UK Gambling Commission
  5. Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  6. AAMS Italy
  7. Spanish Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling

Customer Service at a Pay N Play Casino

Like all other online casinos, Pay N Play Casinos Trustly also gives great importance to customer support.

If we take into account that a Pay N Play Casino is quite different from the rest of the platforms, it is easy to understand why they specialize in the different features and sections of the casino.

The customer support has the obligation to be both professional and customer-oriented, to offer convenient help at every step.

In addition, today’s customer support has the obligation to be available through various channels and in multiple languages. As a player, you will want to have help via live chat, phone, email, and have a very good FAQ to understand everything.

Pay N Play Online Casino for Mobile Devices

Now that we are well into this new decade, it is normal that online casinos no longer have to be accessible only on your desktop. Nowadays, the spotlight is on mobile casinos – especially since the great advances in mobile devices in the last few years.

On top of that, Trustly is a payment method that works excellently on smartphones and tablets. So, whichever Pay N Play Casino you like, you’re sure to enjoy it either in a downloadable app or as a mobile casino that is accessible from your browser.

Bonus System in Pay N Play Casinos

Using a new Pay N Play Casino has numerous advantages, yet there is also a minus point, because the casinos in most cases offer no or hardly any casino bonus. This also means that you usually have to do without a welcome bonus here.

Although this is the case with most Pay N Play Casinos, but there are also some exceptions. Thus, there are a few providers where you can secure a welcome bonus.

Plus, some Pay N Play Casinos also offer a cashback bonus or other extras. In our Pay N Play casino list, you will find the best Pay N Play casinos that provide either a welcome bonus or other bonus offers as well. Here’s the Pay N Play Casino bonus that you can get with us!

Welcome Bonus at Pay N Play Casino

There is no casino bonus like the welcome bonus. Although pure Pay N Play Casinos usually have lower welcome bonuses, they are still the number one thing that attracts players to a new casino.

If you choose a Pay N Play Casino, chances are you will also get a good welcome bonus. These bonuses are usually percentage or deposit bonuses, alongside some other surprises such as free spins or cashback.

However, it is important that the bonus conditions must be met for this bonus to make sense. If not, then you will simply lose the entire amount.

Deposit/Reload Bonus at Pay N Play Casinos

Similar to the concept of the welcome bonus, a deposit bonus consists of a percentage that you get extra from your deposit. The difference is that a deposit bonus is usually reserved for returning customers.

However, since it is a Casino Pay N Play, you do not have to return to or be loyal to a particular casino. Therefore, a deposit bonus can be used during the casino session or as a first bonus.

The usual amount is between 50% and 150% that you can receive for each of your deposits.

Free Spins at Pay N Play Casinos

Players are crazy about free spins in all kinds of online casinos. You have to think of them as free money that you can get for slots, which means they serve just like your own money.

However, the difference is that the free spins are not available individually. Usually, you can claim large amounts of free spins for certain games, i.e., if you get 100 free spins, you will play 100x more.

Nevertheless, free spins also have their bonus conditions, and they only apply to slots. So be careful when you claim them and do not pretend to play slots at your online casino Pay N Play.

Cashback at Pay N Play Casinos

Among table game fans or regular casino players, there is hardly any promotion more interesting than cashback. What the cashback bonus does is to give you back part of your losses, being a good percentage between 20% and 30%.

Most of the cashback promotions tend to go to table games and live dealer games. This makes it so special for those who don’t necessarily want free spins.

Plus, Pay N Play Casinos are happy to offer cashback as they are often also connected to better bonus conditions and especially wagering requirements.

VIP Program at Pay N Play Casinos

VIP programs are a tricky thing in a Pay N Play casino, as customers are not expected to come back and stay with the one casino. Therefore, becoming a VIP player is not the same as in other online casinos.

Moreover, until recently, it was quite hard to find a decent VIP program in a Pay N Play Casino. Namely, it was not possible to go through the different levels and get exclusive prizes if you came back and wagered certain amounts.

However, things have changed, and you can now participate in various VIP programs that are tailored to Pay N Play casinos. This means that you can get free spins, cashback and more in a single session.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are the door that separates your bonus from real money that you can receive into your bank account. Usually, every bonus you find in online casinos has its own turnover requirements – unless it is a bonus without wagering requirements.

These wagering requirements start at 1x and can go up to 70x. The lower the wagering requirements are, the better for you.

Let’s say you find a good bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. In this case, you need to play through your bonus at least 20 times. For example, if your bonus is $10, you will have to wager at least $200.

However, the higher the bonus, the harder it is to meet these wagering requirements. For example, if you receive €40 as a bonus and you have to meet the wagering requirements for both your deposit and the bonus, then it can get quite expensive. Even if the wagering requirements are only 20 times, you will have to wager at least €1,200 in the end to fulfill the entire requirements.

Who is Trustly?

Founded in 2008, Trustly is without a doubt one of the newer payment providers on the market. In fact, the company only opened its first office in Malta in 2010, laying the foundation for its modern-day Pay N Play Casino boom.

After Trustly was able to secure more and more new customers, various investors also took notice of the company. The resulting financial support for the company ensured that Trustly could continue to expand its reach and improve its own services even further.

By 2014, the company had already recorded more than 7 million transactions and was able to attract more and more major customers, including well-known companies such as Facebook and Groupon.

Due to its increasing popularity and numerous successes, Trustly decided to expand its services even further. Among other things, the company developed the Payout Express option, which also allows customers to process payouts quickly and easily.

This new product also rounded out Trustly’s general offering, as both deposits and withdrawals were now possible in real time thanks to the Pay N Play concept.

In this way, the company was able to increase both its awareness and popularity once again significantly, which in turn led to Trustly becoming more and more established on the international market as well – thus creating the famous Trustly Pay N Play Casinos.


  • What is a Pay and Play Casino?

    A Pay N Play Casino is basically a casino where you can play without an account and only use this payment system to deposit and withdraw your winnings at the online casino. These transactions are instantaneous, which makes it extremely attractive for players.

  • Do Pay N Play Casinos give bonuses?

    There are all kinds of bonuses at Pay N Play casinos. The most popular ones are welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses. The important thing to know is that these types of online casinos are meant for a single session only. This means that the bonus should have great bonus conditions that can be fulfilled within the same gaming session.

  • Are casinos without an account safe?

    Pay N Play Casinos are much more than just safe. They are considered one of the safest online casinos, thanks to the incredible technology of Trustly and Bank ID. That is why it is recommended to play at these casinos without an account.

  • How do I know if a Pay to Play Casino is legal?

    To find out if the online casino you have chosen is totally legal, then you just have to look at its license and security measures. If you don’t know how to do it, then we suggest you take a look at our list of recommended Pay N Play Casinos.

  • What is a bank ID?

    Bank ID is your online bank ID. It consists of your password and also username, so you can easily access the online casino without having to create an account.

  • Will bank-id casinos be available for several countries in the future?

    At the moment not many countries offer Bank ID and Pay N Play Casinos, but the list is growing. There are rumors that they will soon be available in the UK as well, which will be a huge revolution for the international iGaming market.