Brite allows instant online bank transfers, i.e. fast deposits and withdrawals, as well as identification in connection with the deposit. Brite is a relatively new Swedish payment method that aims to be on par with Trustly.

Especially in Finland, Brite is a new and still growing payment method, and Brite Casinos gives both players and online casinos the opportunity to be the first to experience the new online bank transfer. The casino rating is according to Brite and in this article we will explain it. What exactly is this new payment method like? What online casinos does Brite already have?

Best Brite Casinos 2022

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What is Brite?

Brite is a payment method comparable to Trustly that also works well for online casinos. Brite is a relatively new payment institution, about which almost nothing is heard about in European countries such as: UK, Finland and Sweden. For many casinos, Brite is the first touch of this payment method.

Brite AB or BritePaymentGroup is headquartered in Stockholm and regulated by the Swedish Financial Conduct Authority. UK Payrolls has programmers and others who develop payment methods such as Trustly, Klarna and Sofort. It is also a matter of a modern and fast way to pay for Britain.

Brite provides fast online payments

Brite is instant online banking that works in both online stores and online casinos. The player, using the help of Brite online casino, makes a request to transfer money from his bank account directly to the online casino. Since Brite allows you to register and play immediately with money in your deposit account, it is likely to become more common, especially at online casinos without registration.

Brite has partnered with the biggest Finnish banks so its convenient transfers are available to Finnish players while the payment method becomes more common in Finn-friendly casinos. As the company begins to expand its activities in Sweden, the popularity of casinos with the Brite payment method is growing. The special thing about playing in the UK is that it can handle recurring payments with ease, which can sometimes be a problem if the credit card attached to the payments is about to expire.

How does Brite work, i.e. how to use brite

Brite is very easy to use. Brite does not need to register an account and does not need to download any app separately. With Brite, money transfers are convenient on any device. Money transfers are based on the authentication methods used by banks. Each bank has its own unique authentication methods such as key digits and lists of key digits or mobile authentication.

Brite currently cooperates with the following Finnish banks:

  • O.P. Pohjola
  • Nordea
  • Danske Bank
  • Saastopankki
  • Aktia
  • POP Bank
  • Oma Saastopankki
  • S-bank
  • Bank of Åland

Brite Casino does not accept deposits from Handelsbanken.

Brite deposit for online casino

The ability and methods of making deposits in online casinos, Brite are treated in online casinos in much the same way as their competitors Trustly, Euteller or Zimpler. When you choose Brite as your payment method, you only need online banking IDs.

Here is how to make a deposit at an online casino:

  1. Enter the amount to deposit
  2. Select your bank from the list
  3. Login to the bank using your bank’s authentication method
  4. Select an account to use
  5. Confirm the transfer. The first time you use Brite, your identity will also be verified using a text message code

Fast deposits and withdrawals at Brite

Brite online casinos process deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely. Money deposited with Brite will be immediately transferred to the game account. Similarly, money to be withdrawn will be transferred through Brite to a bank account within minutes, at least from instant casinos.

If and when authentication is done with a Brite deposit, the casino can automatically charge withdrawals. Then the Brite withdrawal can go to your bank account almost immediately. If, on the other hand, the casino’s payment department processes withdrawal requests manually, the processing time depends on the casino itself. Once approved, the money transfer will be made immediately to Brite. Sometimes Brite Casino may require you to verify your gaming account with identification documents before making a withdrawal. The confirmation of the game account usually occurs when the total amount of deposit or withdrawal of funds exceeds approximately 2000 euros.

Brite commissions and additional costs

Brite bank transfer is a free way to transfer money for customers.

Most Brite casinos offer free money transfers, but some online casinos may still charge you for deposits or withdrawals. It will be better for players if there are more free options, and casinos will abandon the practice of charging money transfers altogether.

Brite support

Brite customer support is currently available via email. Brite casinos are easy to use, but if you have problems with transfers, you can contact the casino support team or email [email protected]. If you would like to check which company the transfer was made to, you can also find out by contacting Brite via email.

Brite Rise in Popularity

Nowadays quite a lot of gaming sites use and link to their online casinos the Brite payment method, which means that foreign online casinos are Brite friendly. Brite was the first online casino for Finns to launch Boom Casino, the so-called Pay N Play casino. None of Finland’s traditional favorite casinos have been featured by Brite yet. For example, Mr Green, Videoslots and Cashmio do not accept money transfers from Brite.

400 EUR + 200 Free Spin
2000+ Game
300 EUR + 200 Free Spin
2500+ Game
100% on Deposit 800 EUR + 155 Free Spin
5550+ Games

Boom Casino is the first Brite casino for Finns

Boom Casino, which opened in the spring of 2020, has made a splash among Finnish and British players. Boom Casino was Brite’s first casino, but it was by no means insignificant. The casino has had a huge investment since it launched as Hero Gaming’s new flagship casino. So it really was, and still is.

Boom Casino excels in all areas. In addition to a great welcome offer, the casino pays out cash that is amazingly transparent. The gaming lobby is designed to be highly informative and customizable, and Boom Casino even has a few player specialties.

At Boom Casino, money transfers go smoothly from the first deposit to Britella without registration. The deposit is in full swing, and some Finnish banks receive Britella payouts very quickly, some only the next day.

What you need to know about Brite deposits?

Brite only makes its way to Finnish online casinos, so while it sounds convenient and simple, it can be difficult to find an online casino that uses Brite. Brite casino can almost be considered the fingers of one hand, but Brite is sure to become a more common casino payment method.

Brite is used in both traditional and express casinos

Brite Casino can operate both without registration and in the traditional way, requiring you to register a game account by filling out a form.

Brite provides authentication with online banking IDs, which is a prerequisite for instant casinos to work. On the other hand, nothing stops regular online casinos from using Brite. After all, almost all casinos use its competitors, regardless of the method of registration.

Is Brite Reliable?

Brite is a fairly young player in the payments business that is just expanding outside of Sweden. However, this does not mean that the service is unreliable and not safe to use, as Brite casinos say.

Brite invests in security. All communication between clients and Brite is encrypted and sent using secure protocols.

Brite is a licensed financial institution supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). This institution is similar to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The role of the institutions is to ensure that the companies under their control comply with the laws and regulations in the financial sector.

Money transfers in the UK require strong authentication, i.e. the practice of using bank identifiers. Brite adheres to the same security standards as banks.

Depositing at an online casino is safe with Brite as, for example, no payment card details are transferred at all when using this payment method, and you do not need to provide the casino with bank account or credit card information when depositing in the UK. This is appreciated by many players, despite the fact that money transfers, for example, to foreign online casinos, are extremely safe today.

Of course, when you use Brite, the information required by the KYC Law is transferred from the bank to the casino, but as already mentioned, all information is encrypted.

Brite and scam?

Brite, like Trustly and Klarna, is a payment method controlled by financial authorities and does not defraud its customers.


Cash has virtually disappeared and today most money transfers are done digitally. Brite also fills this gap.

An insightful pun on the site will give Brite a bright future. Brite itself encourages them to do the same for their customers through safe, secure and affordable money transfers.
The casino world saw the first Brite casinos in 2020. Brite is designed not only for online casinos, but also works great with them. Brite is a simple and fast payment method that is increasingly being used by the best instant casinos in particular.


  • Can Brite deposit at an online casino?

    Yes, Brite is one of the payment methods accepted by some online casinos. We have collected casinos on our website where you can make a deposit in Brite. Brite is a relatively new payment option for online casinos, but the casinos that Brite visits are becoming more and more common.

  • Is Brite a secure payment method?

    Yes, Brite is a secure payment method. Brite requires strong 2-step authentication and every money transfer is verified with a personal online banking ID. Brite Casinos, registered in Malta, offer Finnish players a safe gaming environment.

  • Is Brite reliable arrow icon?

    Brite is a reliable company and payment method. Brite AB is operated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and adheres to the same security standards as banks, including when processing and encrypting data.

  • How to deposit at Brite Casino?

    Depositing with Brite is very simple. First, the amount is selected, after which it is identified by the home bank authentication method, and the payment is confirmed by online banking identifiers.