The platform collects and processes personal data about our customers and visitors to our virtual resources. We treat each customer’s personal information with the utmost care and strive to keep it as secure as possible.

Features of our privacy policy

The sole purpose of this policy is to explain to customers and new users how we process personal data, why we should process it and when we should process it. In addition, this privacy policy is intended to explain to our users what their rights are in relation to virtual gambling offers. While this policy is an intelligent communication tool between the office and the customer, it does not replace any existing agreements with suppliers, agreements between users or our website. This is without prejudice to your rights and obligations under data protection legislation.

Responsibility for storing and processing personal data

Although we take full responsibility for and care of our customers’ personal data, all information collected is primarily stored in a database. This source of information is available to all companies that work with the recipients.
If other companies and websites access your personal information, they may only do so to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with the standards set forth in this privacy statement.

For our part, we ensure that any transfer of personal information is done in a way that respects the rights of our company and our customers.

Customer rights

Every customer has the right to their personal data. For more detailed information on your rights to possession, distribution and use of your personal information. You can contact our customer service department for more information. Simply send us an e-mail.

In each individual case, it is up to you to make the request:

  • Ascertain whether or not personal data is actually registered and processed.
  • Provide further information upon request: what data is stored in the database, how it is used, to whom it is disclosed, whether the available information is protected from breach.

What is the basis of the cookie policy?

Like other online resources that work to interact with customers and promote services, our company uses cookies. What is a cookie? It is a small file or the file itself that contains some information stored on the customer’s device (smartphone, laptop, computer). Cookies help to save all the activities, preferences and interests of the customer in the database of the online resource. Every time a customer visits a web resource, cookies enable the recognition of the user (password, account name, language and page view settings) and the necessary information to be transmitted immediately. These cookies are stored for a limited time before you reinstall your device or close your account.

Our company uses cookies to improve the functionality of our website, to enable access to all services and to make the use of our website convenient and comfortable for the customer.


Any questions about the implementation and application of the data protection policy in our work can be asked using the appropriate form. All customer questions will be answered in writing and sent electronically to the e-mail address provided. Reminder!

All questions regarding the collection, processing and storage of personal data will be resolved through mutual communication with you. We always listen to our customers and take the necessary steps to resolve any conflicts.